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Simwachi | Alex Mwakideu Pampers His Wife With Love

Many people like Alex Mwakideu and Mariam Mwemba because they are a wonderful match made in heaven. Mwakideu, who appeared on the Churchill Show' s travel series, claimed that his father had 18 children, of whom he is the lastborn.

During the conversation, the Milele FM host lavished his affection on his wife, declaring that he would never abandon her and that only death would separate them. Alex Mwakideu, a radio host who was born and raised in Mombasa County, is married to Mariam Mwemba.

Alex Mwakideu and Mariam Mwemba have three children together.

From a polygamous family, the multitalented actor turned media figure hails. His father was married to two wives. Mwakideu, who was featured on the Churchill Show' s journey series, said that his father had 18 children and that he is the youngest.

He claimed that they shared a single room and slept on the floor. Mwakideu, who spent eight years at Radio Maisha before moving to Milele FM, admitted to hitting on Mariam while still in another relationship.

" Mariam alinisumbua kweli kweli. Since 2006, Nilimkatia has been a part of the Nilimkatia community Wewe bado hujatulia alikuwa ananiambia. It was difficult to persuade her to date me. Nilikuwa na dem wakati huo lakini bado namkatia She continued telling me that I wasn' t ready to settle down, even though I was dating someone else at the time) " he stated

After eight years, he stated she finally accepted to be his wife. Mwakideu explained:

" Nikamuoa 2014 (After I went from Mombasa to Nairobi, she agreed to date me and we married in 2014). "

During the interview, Mwakideu lavished his affection on his wife.

" Nilishamwambia simuachi mbele ya Mwenyezi Mungu (I promised before God never to leave her).

Mwakideu' s wife is featured heavily on his social media platforms. He always sends her a ton of beautiful texts and treats her like a queen. On December 27, 2014, the 41- year- old radio personality and his lovely partner married in a colorful wedding ceremony.

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