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Sultana:Fatima Reports JJ To Major And Wants Him Removed From The Family

In today's episode, JJ will go to see his mother in the store. JJ pities his mother because he can't believe his father mistreating his mother. JJ will go to take some warm water for Bi Ua and finds Fatima relaxed drinking juice. JJ realizes Fatima is just a gold digger as Sada used to say.

JJ will massage his mother's legs because she has been tied with chains for days. JJ will start crying seeing her mother suffering. JJ begs Bi Ua to explain what's happening because is tired. Bi Ua will just request JJ's hand and smile because she has someone who cares for and loves her.

Fatima calls Major and informs him JJ is back and is in the store with Bi Ua. Fatima tells Major is scared and should come. Major will be annoyed because he warned JJ and Sada never to step into his house.

Major will not waste time and will come immediately. Major asked JJ what is doing in his house without his permission. JJ tells him he came to see his mother. Major warns him never to come in the house maybe kneeling. JJ tells him he can't because he has not done any wrong. Major tells him to pray for Kokan's body to be found because is aware he fought with him. Major tells JJ soon he will be jailed and will not help him. JJ tells him to first help his wife because is not afraid of the police and may come anytime. JJ will leave and Major will regret having a son like him.

Fatima will massage Major slowly and advices him to remove JJ out his family. Major will not be happy and tells Fatima is just anger and JJ is his boy. Major can't do that because JJ is only his son.

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