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"Papa Is Very Sorry" Professor Hamo Tenders An Apology To His Children After DNA Results

Comedians professor Hamo and comedienne Jemutai have been having a relationship which resulted in them having two children together.

However, a couple weeks ago Jemutai took to social media to expose his partner that he is never there for the family, the expose was intense and trended in all corners of the Kemyan internet space.

Mediation had to be made between the two so that they can solve there issues and squabbles offline and privately. This is was done by the help of their former boss Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill).

Late on professor Hamo demanded a DNA test from the two children so that he may fully take responsibility. The DNA tests came 99.9% prooving that Hamo is indeed the biological father or the Kids.

Today professor Hamo has gathered his courage to tender apologies to all including his children, their mother and the royal media services where he was working before getting fired.

In his apology he tells his childre that he will be there for them and he is very sorry and he hopes that once they grow big enough to understand how life works they will forgive him.

"Life has a way of forcefully instilling wisdom into someone. A lot happened, so much was said, both positive and negative in the same breath. If an apology is to be made then it should be soul searched, true, and from deep down.

Apologies are made when someone realizes and owns up to their mistakes.

I had to go back to family and make good with them otherwise all this would have been a facade. 

We are patching up things, not there yet but headed there by His grace.

I would like to thank my boss turned mentor, Mr. Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’ , and Life coach Robert Burale for instilling vital knowledge & wisdom in us tukikunywa kale ka chai kamejaa maziwa miiingi..!

A big thank you to Jemutai for agreeing for us to sit-down and have a peaceful discussion on how we are going to raise our kids. A special thank you to Zippy you still accommodated me despite my short comings. 

To my young ones, life is not an easy road, papa is very sorry & he hopes one day when you are old enough to understand you will forgive me. Nawapenda wote & I will always be here for you 🥰.

RMS family poleni for being dragged into all this you know we were here 3 weeks earlier.

And to you my fans. Without you I am just Herman. With you I am Prof Hamo. Kindly allow me to add another chapter in “My Book Of..”

I am deeply sorry for letting you down.

I am not yet there but working towards being a responsible person, dad, husband & man.

Mungu ni Mwema..!!!" Posted professor Hamo in his Facebook page.

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