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Take Care Of Your Brother First: Eric Omondi Told As Beef With Femi One And Jua Kali Escalates

Controversial comedian Eric Omondi, has recently chosen to go after Kenyan artists, blasting them for making substandard music.

However, artists such as Utawezana hit maker Femi One and Legendary Genge artist Juakali, hit back at the comedian.

According to Juakali, the kind of content that Eric was currently engaging himself in, was not comedy but drama.

Hence, he asked the comedian to respect Kenyan artists and stay on his own lane. Femi One on the other hand was more critical of the comedian.

According to the Utawezana hit maker, Eric Omondi's trips to Tanzania had made him increase his pride hence making him disrespect Kenyan artists.

Eric Omondi however chose more violence in his reply, accusing Femi One of only being successful in Utawezana, because of Mejja.

Omondi also asked her to be more hardworking. This prompted another response from Femi One with both parties refusing to back down from one another.

All these responses however did not come close to the response which was given to Eric Omondi by a Femi One fan.

The fan who aimed his critism at Eric Omondi's brother Fred, urged the comedian to help his brother's career, before attacking Kenyan artists.

According to the fan, Fred Omondi who is also a comedian was currently getting forgotten by Kenyans. He also urged Eric Omondi to extend an helping hand to him.

Fred Omondi was however not going to take the critism lightly, as he questioned why anyone would think that Fred was doing bad in life.

Content created and supplied by: BobMurimiNdwiga (via Opera News )

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