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Husband and wife relationship

"Hubby Left me While I Was Pregnant And I Later Met Him With Another Lady" Lady Painfully Narrates

Alice is a single mother of one and she has painfully narrated how her husband abandoned her while she was pregnant and she later met him with another woman.

According to Alice, they had been living together although he had not informed his parents about their marriage but to Alice's parents, their daughter was already married because she had introduced her hubby to them.

They started their romantic relationship while Alice was only 21 and him 28. Alice claims that when her husband realized that she was pregnant, he walked away and that's how their marriage ended.

They had not met after he abandoned her until when she was five months pregnant and he was with another woman after. He kept on calling Alice's friends asking them whether she had given birth.

Alice claims that she already forgave him and despite the challenges she went through, she cannot deny him a chance to meet his kid because he is the biological father.


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