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What Kills the Entertainment Industry in Kenya?

lack of together ness- The artists are not the only people who should make the entertainment industry succed. Whe have other sectors like , Event organizer's, entertainment strategies, producers, content creators and so many other sectors that i can't mention.Lets look for example an entertainment strategist.This guy's are the decision makers of what should be played at what time, for which people and how it should be runned. Even some of them are given a role to draft movie's, series' and show's that the funs can accept.They give us the updates of what is taking place and what can affect the industry. They should team up with our artist to learn the content which foreign countries like and can appreciate. We should not focus only local fun base, we should try pushing our music to other countries which can bring more income to our artist. Concerts and show's in Asian countries pay huge checks.

lack of creativity-our artist are stuck on simple ways of shooting there videos and music.we should invite international acts to our industry to teach and make us learn the skills to apply when recording our music. we must learn to use more better equipment's that will bring the real entertainment to our funs and brands. people want to see unique staffs being brought to the entertainment industry.

lack of passionate artist- many people who jumb into being artist nowadays they are not there because of the passion towards music bt just to get fame and money.Thats where after someone becomes a celeb he stops working on his music and that becomes his downfall

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