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Sultana: Kaka Ready To Marry The Village Girl

In tomorrow's episode, Mwanzele and Maneno are so drunk. Kaka informs them that he wants to marry since they don't want him to have a relationship with Dida. Maneno and Mwanzele will be surprised and asks him if he is serious. Kaka tells them that he is ready to marry and wants to see the village girl they promised him. Mwanzele tells him to wait until tomorrow. Kaka will leave while Maneno and Mwanzele continue taking alcohol.

Later Mwanzele will go to see Babu Kalo. Mwanzele tells him that he knew he will find him. Babu Kalo tells him that he is sorry that he did not come to see them. Babu informs Mwanzele that he spoke to JJ and settled everything. Mwanzele tells him that he did a good job but he never came for that. Mwanzele tells him that Kaka changed his mind and wants to marry. Babu tells him that Kaka's life is hard and should focus to look for Sultana's necklace. Mwanzele assures Babu that Kaka is serious about marriage. Babu tells him that by tomorrow he will plan everything.

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