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Rastaman Makes Customised Chair Gift for Raila Odinga And Turns Down Willing Buyer

a clip of a rastaman creating a stunning chair as a present for Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance has enthused online users. Netizens have been enthused by a video of a rastaman who created a stunning chair as a gift for Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance.

Felix G-cord posted a video of the man praising Raila and displaying the chair on Facebook.

Rattaman desires to give Raila a chair.

The hardwood chair has Raila's name engraved on it and is embellished with Azimio's signature hue. On its top rear, it also bears a crown-like pattern.

The man said that the chair was constructed especially for Raila and was not intended for sale.

"This chair belongs to Raila, it is not for sale," the man said. "Hii ni kiti ya Raila, hii si kiti ya kuuza."

He continued by saying that Fidel Odinga, Raila's late son, was a close friend of his.

"The state house is the central focus. Let me tell you something, Kenya, you need to be wise. Fidel was once my friend. Rise up because Raila Odinga is the main focus "The rastaman kept talking.

Not for sale is Raila's chair

The handmade chair had drawn a buyer who was prepared to purchase it, but the carpenter wasn't yet skilled enough.

The seat is custom-made for Raila, he informed the female buyer. Then he promised her that he would create her another.

"I'm here to advise you that this chair is not up for grabs. For Raila Odinga, please. He'll return for it.

Even if you have a car, I will create you another chair, but this one is for Raila "He informed the client.

Netizens respond to the Ras Madedas video:

Si kuongoja kubebwa upelekwe venue kupiga makofi na nduru ya miambili: "So innovative, this is how individuals should express themselves and benefit from the campaigns."

Dave Dee:

I enter in peace. And you tell me Wajackoya isn't Raila's project.

Hazard Manuez:

"This man, I bow to him."

Mikbedho Kombedho:

"I love this."

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