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See Emmy Kosgei Lavish lifestyle

After getting married to a renowned televangelist Apostle Anselm Madubuko in 2013, Emmy Kosgei has been enjoying a lavish lifestyle while travelling and driving high-end cars such as BMW X6 and a black luxurious American SUV. She also lives in a palatial home.

God blessed her life indeed because she eats sumptuous meals in posh hotels and dresses in elegant fashions. Even if life is not only judged on what one has, the show of joy and peace is always seen through a person's countenance. Emmy's face shines brightly ever morning and she proves that age is just but a number.

October 10, 2019, she said, "Quit trying to please people who look down on you. Surround yourself with positive thinkers just like David. Relocate! Let them watch you from a distance," This is indeed her secret of success. she does not want anybody who sups her strength and energy without making any impact on life.

Emmy is one of the few people who have been called grandmothers before giving birth to their own children. This has not been easy for her but as fate may have it her stepchildren respects and calls her mum. Everything seems to be going on well with her in terms of family life. She got a spouse who loves her not because of her status but who she is. This couple understands each other so much such that there is no room for conflict.

Humility is the hallmark of the musician. This virtue is not a weakness in her life. Pride, as they say, comes before a fall. She advices her listeners, “Learn to tame your character, learn to bite your tongue. Treat your husband like a king that he is, love and honour him. Some little acts look foolish but it adds value! Do it out of love! Wisdom is profitable,".

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