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Remember Kanumba's Girlfriend Lulu Who Was Accused Of Killing Him? See What Happened To Her

Steven Kanumba was a famous Tanzanian actor in the early 2000. His movies crossed several borders and even made to the Nollywood film industry in Nigeria.

Kanumba played a big role in developing the film industry in Tanzania and his hit movie featuring Nigeria's famous actor Ramsey Noah which was dubbed 'Devils Kingdom' won several awards and put Tanzania on the map of countries with the best movies.

In 2012 Kanumba was found dead in his house after an accidental fall during a heated argument with his then girlfriend Elizabeth Michaels 'Lulu'.

Lulu with Kanumba

Lulu was then sentenced to two years in prison in 2017 after she was found guilty of the crime. Kanumba's death shocked the whole East Africa and at one time there were rumors that he had joined devil worshipping and had sold his soul to the devil.

In 2018 Lulu was lucky as she was among those who received a Presidential pardon from John Pombe Magufuli and she only served 6months probation before being free again.

Currently the beautiful Tanzania actress moved on with her life, still doing films and she just released her hit movie dubbed 'Ni Noma' which is doing very well on youtube.

See below some of her recent photos.

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