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Embarambamba Suprised Netizens After Diving In Dirty Stagnant Water In A white Suit. See The Video

White clothes are always worn with alot of care but Embarambamba will disagree with the statement. On his video shoot, he was spotted laying on earth road full of stagnant water and full of mad. His song was encouraging song to people and at the same time emotional|courtesy.

Embarambamba intelligence has been questioned by many people considering his behaviors in the music videos. His courage to perform in such manners is always questionable. Despite the advices given to him, Embarambamba has never stopped doing his dancing.

The white and fashionable suit was just ruined like that considering how difficult white are to wash. I bet his white became so furious for what the husband had to do to the suit.

Recently the artist came out and Introduced his queen. People list expected what they saw, the wife to embarambamba was so beautiful. So the question people where left with is how does she cope up with the musicians dirty clothes after every show he performs

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