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'Naweza Kua Mali Safi Nikitaka' Cartoon Announces To Her Fans

Kenya is filled with lots of talent when it comes to creativity and innovation. In the entertainment industry, Kenyans have been served with nothing but the best from talent which has grown and developed on its own soil. A good example is Churchill show which has been airing on NTV for several years. The show has been producing new upcoming artists and comedians but due to covid-19 outbreak, standup comedy and live shows were customer short.

This made several comedians who dependent on the show and other similar shows to seek alternative ways of survival. And since comedy is a passion, most of them turned to online platforms where they dissipate their talent.

One of the comedians who has been keeping Kenyans busy and entertained is a lady by the stage name Cartoon. She has produced so many videos which she posts online and in the process, gets her fans entertained.

She has done solo productions as well as productions with other renowned comedians like crazy Kenner.

In her video shoots, cartoon is always depicted as a shaggy girl, naive from the village or from the ghetto and her stage attire are shabby and unkept.

This attributes and outlook help to bring out her character quite well and hence project the comedy satisfactorily to the point that she has earned so many followers.

Today, she has surprised many of her followers who always thought of her to be shaggy and shabby as the character she portrays. Posting a gorgeous photo of herself, carton announced that she can be a 'Mali Safi'.

'Naweza kuwa Mali Safi nikitaka', she said. Mali Safi is a phrase used to describe neat and attractive ladies.

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