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Think That You Got The is Best or Worst Signature? Check out These

Worst Signatures.

1.Kurt Vonnegut

This American writer has one of the weirdest signatures ever. He managed to sign approximately 10000 times during his lifetime.

2 Johnny Depp

Johnny had his name's initial letter as the base of his signature but he left the Hollywood market in a mysterious state to look for the resemblance of letters of his name.

3. Queen Elizabeth 1

To make her signature look royal, she added lines on the bottom and upper part of the signature with 1-6 loops on each line.

4. Angelina Joe

The famous actress had a signature that when looked closely looked like it was her name but had nothing.

5. Mel Gibson

This actress's signature was almost similar to the writing of a one-year-old first time with a pen.

Best Signatures.

1.Donald trump

He has his name as his signature but with great accuracy and consistency of the pen.

2. Dale Earnhardt

A pedal-to-medal persona meets a graceful and picture frame –deserving signature.

3. Taylor Swift

She got a very cute signature which is her name but perfectly shaped letters.

4. Prince Diana

It is one of the simplest signatures just her name and a period at the end.

5.Walt Disney.

One of the best signatures which also let to the development of the Disney Production Logo

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