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Top 6 TV Shows Produced by Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan

The first Kenyan celebrity couple to headline the same TV newscast is Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan. The outstanding news reporters occasionally work together on Citizen TV's Nipashe Wikendi and other shows. Millions of fans in Kenya and the rest of the region have enjoyed the pair's enthralling Swahili telenovelas for many years. The TV shows listed below are ones that Jiffy Pictures, run by Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan, produced for millions of Kenyans and people in East Africa.

Maria is a little child who lost her parents and was reared in the ghetto. Maria was taken in by a wealthy man because of her resulting fragility, but she fell in love with the man's son. Kenyans were captivated to their TV screens every day as the show was filled with drama and intrigue.

In Sultana, a young girl who was born into a wealthy family but never experienced it is the main character. She was swapped for a little boy whose mother passed away during giving birth. The boy benefits from being born into a wealthy family, while the girl experiences difficulties common to Kenyan impoverished families. Despite all of these setbacks, Sultana, who is blind, continues to live life to the fullest and does not let her circumstances define her. The young woman experiences rejection and has to deal with an unintended pregnancy.

The protagonist of the tale is Zora (Sara Hassan), who had a son named Simba with her husband Fella (Robert Agengo). Veteran actors like Sara Hassan, Jackie Matubia, Bridget Shighadi, and Robert Agengo were featured in the story.

In the Tanzanian drama Huba, two families with good relationships compete for control of the situation. Huba received recognition at the 2019 Promax awards in South Africa.

The Hazes, a wealthy family who appear to have it all, are featured in this drama series. But the family is plagued by secrets and lies that could split them apart. The spectators are curious as to why the mother despises her firstborn daughter.

Sanaipei Tande was chosen by Aziza to play the role of the main character. A young girl from a lowly family named Aziza wants to improve her life, but her parents are opposed to her aspirations to become a singer. Aziza works behind the scenes at clubs due to her parents' strict attitude. Citizen TV broadcast the program, which ran through 2019.


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