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Do We Eat At Her Place? Samidoh's Wife Asks, After Vowing Not To Support Karen Nyamu In 2022

Samidoh's wife Edday, has recently gotten herself involved in an altercation with fans after her comments about Karen Nyamu. Karen could be set to become the next Nairobi Senator, if she manages to win the seat in 2022.

However, Samidoh's wife Edday, has refused to hide the fact that she will not be supporting Karen Nyamu in 2022. Edith revealed to her fans that she would be supporting another female candidate, who was running on a Chama Cha Kazi ticket for the seat.

Despite it being her right to choose whoever she was willing to elect, fans did not think that she was doing good by going against Karen in public. Some of her fans seemed convinced that Samidoh would vote for Karen. Hence, they asked her to follow her husband's lead.

Others, hit out at her as they asked her to see the bigger picture since Karen would reportedly cater for Samidoh and his wife's needs.

These suggestions however did not seem to go well with Edday, who was quick to respond. She went on to question whether Karen Nyamu had ever provided food for her family.

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