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Pregnancy period

Sultana:Bi Ua Faints After Receiving Bad News

In tomorrow's episode, Sada informs Bi Ua that he once caught Dida and Kaka at night in a closed room. Sada tells her that Dida is not a good lady but as bad as her mother Fatima. Sada assures Bi Ua that Dida's Pregnancy wasn't for JJ. Bi Ua will shock and faint. Sada will shout for help and JJ and Sada will come on time.

JJ will take his first aid kit and starts checking on his mother. Bi Ua will be conscious but she will not manage to talk. JJ will ask Sada what happened to her mother and Sada says she fainted alone while talking to her. JJ tells Asia to find Bi Ua's medicine.

Sada informs JJ that his mother was in that condition of craziness when she gave birth to him. Sada goes and tells JJ that she heard that Bi Ua never liked him as a son but JJ will not answer. Sada will be sorry to JJ because she didn't mean to.

Bi Ua could not bear that Dida wanted his only son to take care of another man's child.

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