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“Actually, I Will Never Get One” Maria Of Citizen Shocks People After Saying This

Yasmin Said famously known as Maria was Kitaa is one of the female celebrities in the country. Yasmin is from a middle-class muslim family and has lived a comfortable life, never even lacked school fees. As a staunch Muslim, she currently has no boyfriend and is still living with her parents. The only thing that will make her leave her parents’; home is marriage. During an interview, she revealed that her parents support and are proud of the role she plays in ‘Maria’.

Being from a muslim background we expect her to have tattoos in her bodies as the other female Muslims. To her this is not the case as she doesn't have any tattoo in her body. Also she rarely covers her face with as the other female muslims do.

In an interview where fans were able to ask her questions and she answers in the instagram she was asked if she had to get a tattoo, what would it be of. Unfortunately, she said that she will never have one. This sounds ironical as she is a muslim and are known to have tattoos.

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