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NDOVU KUU song with 3 Million views deleted from YouTube

A popular hit song Ndovu ni kuu by Krispah has been pulled out from YouTube by an upcoming artist called Dexta over a copyright claims.

"I didn't mean to be rude my people Kaligraph and Krispah my beat of the song V8 ndio wakaunda hakuna masomo KU wamekataa. I have pulled it out from YouTube because it is infringing my right and it has also promoted violence in Kenyatta University (KU) claiming that some parents have even refused to pay fees because the song us saying HAKUNA MASOMO KU, lets meet in court if you have an issue " Dexta said

Krispah has suffered a set back after his song Ndovu ni kuu pull down from YouTube just after reaching 3 Million views and trending countrywide.

many people don't find any similarly between the two beats claimed to be sampled following a comment from Krispah fan: " Upcoming artist have found a weapon that they use to ensure successful artists continue to be poor like them," " thise upcoming artists are being used by someone somewhere." he stated

Krispah reacted on the issue, "we shall get to the root of this fam. no one will ever missus the copyright strike feature for selfish endeavors,!! NDOVU BADO NI KUU.,"

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