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Angry Zari Attacks Fan Over Mysterious New Man

Zari Hassan appears to be beautiful but Unlucky when it comes to love issues, something most people have come to notice. In the period between her breakup with diamond platinumz, Zari has paraded approximately four men yet all these relationships end mysteriously.

The most recent ended relationship was that with a man known as Dark Stallion. The collapse of this affair was a surprise to everyone, although Zari made it appears like she broke it off.

Following these unfortunate events, the socialite has been pressured to settle down, with some fans taunting her about how she is advancing in age. Others, like the unfortunate Wairimu, took it upon themselves to question the truthfulness of zari' s claims, something that angered the socialite.

According to Zari' s reply, the fan attempted to cast doubt about the presence of a new man in her life and made claims that the posted man was the socialite' s driver.

Zari claimed that her haters are used to men they can Google and Bully online. In this case, she must be talking from experience, since she has had her fair share of online bullying because of her past relationships and flamboyant love life. This was a direct reference to Diamond platinumz whose net worth, past relationships and all aspects of his life could be found by just using Google.

Zari Hassan was born and raised in Uganda. She married the late Ivan Semwanga and moved to South Africa, where they started their life together.

However, due to irreconcilable differences including domestic violence, they separated, and she moved back to Uganda. It was while in Uganda, that she met and fell in love, Tanzanian star Diamond platinumz. She moved to Tanzania and started cohabiting with him, and they had two children together.

However, things started going downhill when Hamisa Mobeto Diamond' s side chick became pregnant and named him the father. She stayed for a couple of months following this scandal but broke up with him on Valentine' s Day, then moved back to South Africa with the children. This is where she currently stays.

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