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Zora: Zalena's Life In Trouble, Ready To Ran Away

Zalena is worried because definitely her life is in trouble because Fella is in prison and they used to work together. Zalena calls one of the police officers to confirm if Fella is jailed. The police officer tells her yes and the case is big and it will handled at the head quarters so he can't help her in any other way. Zalena is about to go down.

Zalena will starts parking her bags ready to ran away then Fila and Lila will come to see her but Zalena will chase them away. Kwame will enter and finds her mother packing. Kwame asks her mother where she is going but Zalena tells him he should be packing too because she don't want to be jailed. Kwame assure his mother that he can't ran away because he has no future since his wife died and he can't leave Madibas killed alone. Kwame tells Zalena if she has future outside she can ran away. Zalena will tell Kwame to stop that nonsense because to be in prison is not easy but Kwame has fully made his decision to stay and in case Madiba is put in jail he will take care of Fila and Lila.

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