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The Next Big Thing! Boy Wows Many for coming up with this kind of Invention


Talent is inevitable and this boy was able to demonstrate it by doing what he does the best. A Twitter user who was amazed by the boy’s work took it to the internet to make sure the boy received the well-deserved recognition. 

Have you noticed those fancy Bluetooth speakers that everyone is flossing around with all over the hoods and desired to own one? What happens when you are not in a position to own one? This was the exact case with the boy.

Wanting to own something but you have no money to buy it made the boy think out of the box. He used his God-given talents to make a Bluetooth speaker. The boy out-sourced some of the most common objects around him and turned them into a home-made Bluetooth speaker.


Most people recycle empty oil Jerry cans into water containers. The boy saw a perfect use of a jerry can and converted it into the body of his hand-crafted speaker. With a combination of some old speakers and some spare part from a broken Bluetooth speaker, he managed to come up with a well functional hand-made speaker that earned him fame and recognition.


People are hoping that from the recognition received, a well-wisher may come in handy to help the boy take his talents to the next big level.

Share your thoughts about the handmade Bluetooth speaker in the comment section down below. 

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Bluetooth Next Big Thing


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