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Sultana: Monday Episode Shows how Major Jabali is Forced to Sing a Lullaby to the "Baby" Dolly

Sultana's Monday episode shows how Major Jabali is paying for having caused damage in Bi. Ua's psychology after he slapped her hard. His wife is now crazy and her mental condition is back after Asya mentioned to her that she gave birth to a baby girl.

Major Jabali is downstairs in their home trying to calm down Fatima after she alleged that Buya was dead. She wails at the top of her voice waking up Ua who is asleep upstairs in her room.

Asya is ordered by Major Jabali to go upstairs and check on how Ua is fairing. Coincidentally, Ua had heard Fatima wailing and she comes with the"baby" dolly and handed it to Major to sing to it until it sleeps.

He is devastated by his wife's actions and her crazy behaviour. He tries to explain to her that it's not a baby but she insists that the baby belongs to both of them and that Major has forgotten his responsibility as a father. He is forced to sing to the dolly until he sleeps and ensures that it's okay throughout the day. Fatima interjects and explains to Ua the difference between a baby and a dolly but she shouts at her and reminds her that her opinion is not welcome.

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