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16 Years After She Survived the Acid attack, See the Recent Photos of Frances Obanye

Frances Obanye, the Acid attack survivor. Photo|Courtesy.

Surviving an acid attack is not an easy thing for a woman. It burns and the pain experienced thereafter cannot be compared to any other pain that you may experience outside there. So Frances Obanye could have passed through a lot until to date when she celebrates 16 years since Acid was thrown to her.

According to her story during the interview with BBC, she was only nine years old when the unfortunate happened. Her Uncle's wife did the unthinkable when she poured it to her out of jealousy. What a poor child passed through cannot be explained by words. Since 2004, life has never been the same since the incident happened. 

She has therefore expressed her many thanks to Almighty for keeping her safe for 16 years. This is after she came face to face with death. The Uncle's wife came in the room where she was sleeping silently and poured a bucket of acid on her face. She was just a small girl in 2004 at the age of 9. She however survived the attack and now celebrates 16 years of life.

According to her, the woman was surprised too since she mistakenly did it after she thought that this girl was Obiora. Obiora was the side chick to the man who happens to be his husband and the Uncle to Frances. Her message after the interview was that people with scars should be encouraged and confident. Let them understand that their life can still be beautiful.

A facebook user identified as Badmus Aramide shared her story and wrote the following caption,

"16-year anniversary acid survivor. The acid couldn't take my life away, I'm still alive thanks to God and I still feel beautiful. Help me say thank you to God."

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