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'My Hubby's Lover Violently Kicked Me Out Of My Matrimonial Home As He Watched' Woman Confesses

In 2009, Sally got married to her husband and I’m 2010 she conceived a healthy baby. Sadly for days past delivery she realized her baby was not feeding and upon rushing the baby to hospital she eventually succumbed to the mysterious sorry illness. They buried the baby but this made her sink into clinical depression.

In 2012, again they were blessed with a son. The baby grew achieving all the milestones but when he was 3 years old her husband started having an affair and eventually married a second wife. By this time, Sally was 4 months pregnant with twins.

Despite her condition, her husband introduced her to her co-wife and Sally resigned to the fate of sharing her husband affection. But her husband’s lover was not ready to have a co-wife. She complained saying that Sally’s husband has told her that they had divorced. And it was clear that the other woman did not want her around.

‘My Hubby’s lover violently kicked me out of our matrimonial home as he watched. Even worse her did not raise a finger to help me’ Sally narrated sadly.

The husband went ahead to settle with his lover and neglected her and her children. Today, she is a mother of one as both her son and one twin passed away. The other twin suffers from ADHD, a medical mental condition.

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