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Kenyans Angered After a Video of Omosh Heavily Drunk Surfaces

Omosh is name now we'll known to many Kenyans because of his vital role while acting in Kenya's top high school drama Tahidi High show.

However, recently he emerged seeking for help from help from Kenyans which he got massively. This is because top personalities like Jalang'o hosted him in his show where he received a lot of support including a house being built for him.

Barely some days ago he also came out stating the help he received wasn't enough and that he wanted someone to give him a camera, tripod stand and lights so as to kick start his journey.

However, Kenyans have today been left in a shock and angered after a video of Omosh heavily drunk emerged. In the video an unconscious Omosh who wore a dark blue suit is being helped to get to his house.

The suit has some dust stains suggesting that he had falled to the ground at some point.

This has left bothered why he has just decided to take that path despite the massive help he has received.

Others have urged that he should be taken to a rehabilitation center for immediate help.

Here's a sample of reactions from Kenyans on the matter:

weezdom 254: Mmestress Omosh na comments hadi akakeiyo

honalinur: Badala kuenda mbele anarudi nyuma si ni life

east.sidebratt: Bana he needs treatment not money.

__lil.robby: Tabia za wakenya

nairobis potlight_ : Omosh aliomoshwa.

bookie_ba3: So sad this guy needs help, we all messed up sometimes.

Meanwhile what's your thought on the matter? Share your opinion in the comment section below. Does Omosh need help?

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