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Sultana: Bi Wants To Kill Herself

In Monday's episode, Bi Ua will wake up and will not find Sultana. She will start looking for Sultana because she left her in the room before she fell asleep. Major and Asia will get inside and Bi asks them where is Sultana. Major tells her to forget about that lowlife girl and to take her food.

Bi Ua tells Asia to take away the food because she doesn't feel like eating. Bi Ua forces Major to bring back Sultana or she goes herself to find her. Major will not have an option but to send Asia to get Sultana. Bi Ua will be happy and Major tells her to take the baby it's crying. Major will be relaxed.

Asia will prepare herself to go and pick Sultana. Asia decides to go because it's just Boss Orders. As she gets out of the house Major will stop her and tells her to get back to work and make sure she cleans the compound because it has been smelling bad for a long. Asia will change her clothes and resumes work.

Bi Ua will get tired of waiting for Sultana. She will try to open the doors but they are closed. Bi Ua will find Major's pictures while he was a military soldier and smile. She will then try to open the doors but will not be able to open them. Bi Ua decides to get out through the windows and it's in the top room. Asia will see her and calls for help. Asia shouts that Bi Ua wants to kill herself and everyone in the house will rush to help her.

Bi Ua's life it's on risky because if she tries to throw herself she may not survive.

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