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Nilimuambia Siwezi, Popular Tanzanian Socialite Reveals What Alikiba Tried to Do To Her In Hotel

Mange Kimambi has raised eyebrows on different social media platforms for the another time. This is after she said that there is a time that Alikiba tried to have 'sexual' affairs with her in USA, something that has left questions among netizens on different social media platforms.

According to the long post that Kimambi shared through her Instagram account, the socialite was narrating what Alikiba tried to do to her after she went to say hae to him in one of USA hotels where Alikiba was staying during his visit to USA. Here is the post:

Now this post of Mange Kimambi revealing unknown things about her and Alikiba has gone viral on different social media platforms where by, it's sparking mixed reactions currently.

Many are out to make some funny reactions concerning Kimambi's long post while, others are out asking Alikiba if what Kimambi is saying about him is true at the same time.

Anyway do you believe in what Kimambi is saying about Alikiba!? Share your opinion as you share this news to your friends. Thanks for reading my content and have a nice day!

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