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Comedian Njugush Explains Simple life Tricks to Avoid Debts During Marriage

Njugush claims that Wakavinye pressured him into making a proposal, and he was honest about what transpired at that time.During a time when he was having financial troubles, Blessed Njugush, a comedian, said in an interview with TV47 that his wife, Celestine Ndinda, popularly known as Wakavinye, had encouraged him to propose.

Njugush, however, regarded these recommendations to be impractical and unattainable given his financial condition.

However, Njugush explained how he overcame the obstacle and recommended that guys who are preparing to propose might take into account putting some of these ideas into practice when they feel financially ready to take that important step.

First and foremost, it's crucial for men to be honest and transparent with their girlfriends, especially when it comes to their finances.

While on the show, Njugush demonstrated his sincerity about Wakavinye. Some of their images were shown, and it was evident that he was genuinely in love with her despite his financial troubles at the time.

Wakavinye demonstrated her grasp of the comedian's upbringing when she gave Njugush straightforward, affordable alternatives for how to pop the question and recommended appropriate locations for their special day.

Even though the suggestions were straightforward, Njugush lacked the necessary funding at the time to implement them.Why buy a fake gold ring, asks Njugush, when there are devices at your disposal to verify its authenticity?He chose a plain ring, emphasizing that it is challenging to ascertain its exact cost because it appears commonplace.

Maintain your boundaries.

It's crucial to think about your financial situation while making a proposal as a guy, especially when it comes to the price of the wedding and the engagement jewelry.

Njugush didn't have to look far for the ring because he discovered it on Luthuli Avenue in the CBD. It's crucial for men to take into account both.

Wedding preparations and proposals frequently go hand in hand, so it's important to arrange your budget ahead of time. Once she accepts your proposal, it's likely that you will talk about it.

Njugush joked that the cost of a wedding at the church he attends, which includes tents, chairs, and the choir, may reach Sh50K.

Njugush's wedding cost less than Sh400K, in contrast to numerous weddings that frequently have budgets of above Sh1 million.

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