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Check The History Of KBC The first Brodcasting Company In Kenya

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation ( KBC) is an organization run by the state Media of Kenya. It broadcasts both in English and Swahili, as well as in most local languages of Kenya. The corporation was started in the 1928 atvthe time when Kenya was a British colony . It was the first brodcasting station in Kenya.

In the year 1964, when Kenya became an independent country, the name of the corporation changed to Voice of Kenya (VOK). In the year 1989, the first Kenyan parliament reverted the corporation's name again from Voice of Kenyan (VOK) to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

During the reign of president Daniel arap Moi , KBC was the the government's mouthpiece. Each broadcaster opened with a piece on what the president had been doing in that day.

At the time of president, Mwai Kibaki, KBC became more objective . The station helped most of Kenya's famous journalists especially before the airwaves were liberated in Kenya.

Among the pioneer broadcasters of post Independence were Maurice Mwendah (TV), Simeon Ndesanjo (Radio), Dalail Mzee (Radio), Aziz Yakub, (both Radio & TV, and Aish Jenneby (TV).

Pioneer English service broadcasters were Peter Clare, David Kelly, Hassan Mazoa, Sammy Lui, Norbert Okare, and Martin Billy Mutta, followed later by Peter Njoroge Mwaura, Elizabeth Omolo, Esther Kanyago, Yakub Ishaq, Amos Njogu and many others.

In the year 1980s and 1990s names such as Khamisi Themor, Leornard Mambo Mbotela, Omuga Kabisae, Ngulamu Mwaviro and Enacled Araba, were also on air . The English service had its share of Serah Kihara who was graduate from KIMC, Gladys Erude, John Karani Wanjiru and Kago Johnstone.

Technical workers such as Ike Mulembo,William Kiamba Larry Wambua and others offered service on the English Service.

KBC also aired the popular Vitimbi comedy and drama show for More than 30 years before the show was taken off air on the national broadcaster in 2015.

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