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Magnificent Comparison of Diamond's Children Tiffah Dangotte and Dylan's Birthday Party

The month of August started so well for Diamond Platinumz, it has been part after party, as it started with the wedding of her lovely sister Esma Platinum, which was done in a series of events and the family celebrated it in a unique and magnificent way.

It also happened that Diamond's children's birthday were falling for almost same days on the month of August. Tiffah Dangote just turned five, the only daughter of Zari the boss lady and Diamond Platinumz, Zari's first born son was also having a birthday almost same dates as that of his only sister. Hamisa Mobeto's son, also Diamond Platinumz son birthday also was around the corner.

And many could ask themselves, how is this happening? Diamonds children's birthdays almost falling for the same dates, Mama Dangote and Tanasha, Diamonds recent baby mama share the same birthday date and month. Diamond himself and his son Naseeb Junior share birthday date. Now a series of events on the same month, Esma Diamonds sister wedding events and birthdays for his children. What a huge coincidence?

Here are wonderful birthday photos for Tiffah Dangote;

Now, let's have a look at Dylan's birthday party, how it went down;

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