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Are You Ready, Citizen TV Unveils New Program Set To Replace Zora

Citizen TV has been presenting Jiffy productions programs recently this is since Maria episode that was loved by many and then followed by Zora.

This has made citizen the most viewed channel courtesy of Jiffy production which is runed with news anchor Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah.

With the end of Zora which is supposed to be sooner as Zora and Madiba finally mend their relationship and they will get married during the last episode this is despute Nana being pregnant for him and many can wait for the twist.

Jiffy has finally announced a new program, the program is known as a Sultan and is a local program that looks more dramatic than both Maria and Zora which was more romantic, and the end could somehow be predicted.

As Kenyans await the program many as excited with a different in the program from the norm, saying they can't wait.

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