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Fake Vlogs? Thee Pluto Accused Of Scripting His Loyalty Test Show

Loyalty Test Show is a show that is filmed to know if couples in love are genuine to each other or not. The test has led to many break-ups because of unfaithfulness with few remaining one after it's done.

Thee Pluto is Kenyan Social Media Influencer, model and a YouTube Content Creator that has more than 25K Followers on Instagram. He has been an item on social media especially after breaking up with his ex- girlfriend Felicity Shiru.

Both were making couple vlogs just like the Wajesus Family do; on Thee's Youtube Channel and had 60 Thousand Subscribers then.

After the two break-up, Pluto started doing films of couple loyalty test in various Universities in Kenya. The show has enabled to double his Subscribers on YouTube as at now he stands at 140K Subscribers.

As Kenyans are known to be lovers of dramas, many people have been enjoying watching his shows until today when he has been exposed of scripting his show.

It has been disclosed that he pays 500 to the acting couples who later equally divide the money, each getting Ksh 250. The paid couples act as unfaithful couples in the show.

Although, Thee has come out to deny those claims, netizens have expressed their disappointment in him while others supported him by urging others to allow him to hustle just like other Kenyans.

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