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My Ex Destroyed My Entire Face, Said No Other Man Will Ever Have Me

Jackline Nyaguthii had a relationship with Stanley Ouma and she wishes she had walked out of her relationship after the first time he laid hands on her 10 years ago.

Beside all that happened she is very thankful to God to be alive because two weeks ago, Stanley wanted to completely finish her using a maasai sword but he did not succeed on his aim.

When Jackline met Stanley, he showered her with presents and gave her the world but afterwards small arguments led to big fights and she even missed out on her final exams because of how bad Stanley had bruised her face during the time.

Jackline made execuses for him and she even covered facial bruises with makeup and even hid marks on her body from her friends by wearing oversize clothes.

Then she met Kevin who was very kind and loving, completely opposite from Stanley.

She fell for him but as fate would have it, Stanley was not to be walked out on.

Stanley planned Jackline's final journey by renting a house next to Kevin's place where Jackline was staying and for an entire month, he waited for her to leave the door open and launched an attack on her that would leave her begin for her life.

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