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‘I Am Only Helping Ringtone To Chase Clout’- Alex Mathenge

Talking on Bonga Na Jalas Show, The wacky comedian Alex Mathenge, real name is Alex Macharia Wanjugu aka police cleared the air on Tuesday by saying that he is not real police and that he is just helping Ringtone to chase clout.

Alex said that he started doing content creation while he was still a student at Kenyatta University where he was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Education)

“I started way back while I was in university, doing content creation is my passion though I studied education in campus”, the comedian said

Settling for a police character was really workable and stands for him. He says there are many characters he could play but the one for the police is more incredible and stands out.

His first ever gig in the artistic field was at ECK in 2006. “My first ever gig was at ECK and I really thank Tony Njunguna he is the one who made me perform at the gig. I used the money from my first gig to buy a laptop and that laptop changed my life,” he recalls.

According to Alex Mathenge, content creation and art pay when you put your mind into it. Being patient and determined for what you do will always pay off.

“Content creation and art pay off when you are determined and patient for what you do. So you have to be very creative and have a team who can help you to manoeuvre”, the also former advert writer for Qfm said.

Before settling fully into online creation, Alex has previously worked for different organizations include, including Redykyulass, BornFree Foundation and finally to Scan Group.

He was among the few content creators who were awarded a Y0n outube Silver Plaque in 2019 after attaining the 100000k subscriber’s mark.

Asked why he featured Ringtone on his clip, and if he is a clout chaser. He said he is not he is only helping Ringtone to do so.

He advised young uprising content creators to always go for what he or she loves most.

You can watch the full story below.

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