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'I Celebrate Smart Women Who Forgive Their Cheating Husbands, Fools Ask For Divorce' Celebrity Says

The gospel artist Loise Kim, took to her social media account to celebrate Women who are patient, forgive and tolerate their cheating hubby's. She did this on the International Women's Day.

The gospel singer, warned that married women who rush into demanding for divorce after finding proof of their Husband’s infidelity end up regretting this decision in the long run. Loise Kim defines the incidences of men cheating as 'small things in marriage.”

“Still in the mood of celebrating the International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the wives who forgave their cheating husbands,” Loise wrote As far as she is concerned she believes that these women should be congratulated because they are smart to wisely choose their battles wisely.

She cautions the modern young woman not to be foolish and rush into divorce. Instead she encourages them to be slow to anger and think twice before asking for divorce. She believes that divorce is very unnecessary in society.

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