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10 Killer Presentation Tips to Wow Your Audience

Are you looking for the top presentation tips to help you deliver an unforgettable slideshow?

If you’re preparing yourself to give a powerful presentation, you have one thing on your mind. You want your audience to really adore what you’re saying.

There’s no worse feeling when you’re up on stage presenting your speech, then see your audiences’ eyes glaze over, start to get bore and antsy and notice that they are not into what you are saying. 

If you need to make your presentation wow your audience start, at the very beginning, by practising right away after you’ve been assigned your topic.

Every speaker wants his audience talk about his presentation for days or even months to come. So today I’ve put together a list of presentation tips that cover the design, performance and overall reach of your slideshow.

To really knock the socks off your audience, be sure to check off each one of the tips below.


1 Focusing on one idea per slide.

Make sure you don’t crowd too much information into one slide. If your slide design is ugly and cluttered, then automatically it is going yo zone out your audience. 

To eliminate this, use one slide for each thought or idea.

2 Use a maximum of two to three fonts.

Too many fonts, clutters up a design. It is recommended to stick to fewer fonts throughout your entire presentation. At least, use two to three fonts only, which are larger and bold for the headed and a separate font for the rest of your presentation. 


3 Always Pay attention to visual hierarchy.

Visual hierarchy is a design strategy for organizing elements depending on importance. This goes for font sizes, icon size, contrast and any other visual element in your presentation.

This is an important presentation tip because you want your viewers to know exactly which part of the slide they should be looking at first, second, third and so on.

It’s all about focusing on what can grab the user’s attention first, whether it’s larger font, more space between elements or creating deliberate alignment.

4 Keep your slide to less than six lines of text.

Your slide shouldn’t be a huge wall of text. That’s what your speaking is for. Instead, be sure to keep it to less than six lines of text at a maximum. Ideally, you’ll have even less.

The content included on your slide should be limited to your main talking points and your voice should do the rest.

5 Don’t use many bullet points.

Bullet points have plagued presentations for years. If you want yours to stand out, it’s best to stay away from them.

6 Create and use strong contrast.

You might have people sitting in the back of the room, relatively far away from your screen. In order to make sure they can still see your presentation slides, you need to create strong contrast. This means your text should easily stand out against your background. If you have a dark background, all of your text and design elements should be light in contrast, and vice versa.

7 Your Slide Should Stick to two or three colors.

Just like you should use two or three fonts throughout your presentation, the same apply for colors. Too many colors make YoUr presentation messy. 

In order to make a good presentation, make sure you chose a color scheme with up to three different colors or consider monochromatic scheme.


8 Add audio and video.

One great way to create an interactive presentation is by adding audio and video elements to your slides. This helps you take a break from talking and can give your presentation another dimension.

9 Always stick to one image per slide.

It is best to incorporate just one image in each slide. 

10 Always Use high-quality graphics.

Using photos, graphics or icons in your presentation with low-resolution makes your slide blurry. To eliminate this, always use high-quality vector graphics that look great no matter how big or small they are.

Content created and supplied by: Fasihibrand (via Opera News )


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