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Juma Jux Emotionally Responds To Vannesa & Rotimi After Pregnancy Announcement

In as much as people choose to act mature, you will agree with me that it pains to see an ex-lover doing better and happier after moving on.

This is what could be happening to Tanzanian singer Juma Jux who lost his ex- lover Venessa Mdee to Rotimi.

On Wednesday 7th September, Venessa Mdee and Rotimi took to social media and shared exceptionally beautiful photos announcing their pregnancy.

The photos were not only showing Venessa's beautiful baby bump, but they showed how the lovebirds were close to each other and deeply connected in love.

Netizens did what they do best. They reacted by congratulating venessa Mdee and Rotimi for the soon- to- be born baby boy.

On the other hand, a good number of Netizens were on Juma's case, mocking him for dating Venessa for too long, yet he never made her pregnant. They accused him of playing with her feelings with no intentions of settling with her.

Juma Jux


Despite the many attacks, riducules and trolls directed towards Juma , the singer remained numb and never said a word about the trolls nor Venessa's pregnancy.

A day later, Juma responded in way that Netizens least expected. He composed, recorded and released an emotional song "sina neno" in response to Venessa's pregnancy and love life.

In his song, Juma acknowldges that Venessa is glowing more and must enjoying a life filled with love. He says that he is happy for her and has allowed the past things to remain in the past. He also wishes Venessa and the baby the best and acknowledges that he accepted the break up long time ago.

Here is the song.

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