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Zora: Simba Disowns his Mother After a Fake Court Order was Exposed

The episode shows Neema, Zora, and Hamida discussing issues affecting them at the ghetto and their relationship with Master. This is as a result of Master's ex-wife who came and warned Hamida against snatching her husband and threatened to kill her if she dared go near Master again.

As they were still talking, Neema goes to check out the noise that came from the road. She alerted Zora and Hamida without telling them what was happening there. However, it was Fella and Simba coming towards them.

Fella was bringing Simba back to his mother after faking a court order that allowed him to have Simba under her custody. He had been advised by Nana to seek custody over Simba to bring Zora back into his life. However, that plan did not work and Fella had to come out clean about the fake court order. Additionally, he gave Nana what was rightly hers after tearing the court order papers before everyone was standing there.

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