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A Sad Christmas For the Comedy Industry After the Passing on of a Top Comedian

The comedy industry in the country has once again suffered a huge blow after the passing on of one of its member.

A top comedian, Mzee Sawa Sawa died on Christmas Day in a Mombasa hospital where he was rushed for medication.

Mzee Sawa Sawa is a celebrated actor in the comedy industry, with Majanga comedy show which airs out on KBC Channel One, being one of his highly loved pieces.

He is best known for his coastal Swahili

Confirming his death, KCB Channel one said he passed on today.

However, the TV station did not reveal the exact cause of his sudden death.

"Mzee Sawa Sawa ameaga dunia tarehe 25 Disemba, 2020 jijini Mombasa. Alikuwa muigizaji kwenye kipindi ukipendacho cha ‘Majanga’ kinachopeperushwa kwenye Runinga ya @KBCChannel1. #RipMzeeSawaSawa," KBC confirmed, which loosely translates to

(Mr Sawa Sawa passed away on December 25, 2020 in Mombasa. He was an actor on your favourite show ‘Majanga’ aired on TV @KBCChannel1. #RipMzeeSawaSawa)

Mzee Sawa Sawa joins several comedians, most of them from the Churchill Show, who have died since the year 2020 started.

More than 5 comedians have died in 2020 alone.

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