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Vera Sidika Discloses What She Will Do When She Gets A Son

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Mothers always want the best for their children. They are known to be the most selfless beings because they want their children to live better lives than they lived. Vera Sidika is a mother of one and looks forward to having more children. She has a daughter, Asia and is now leaving hints that she is longing for a son. She has posted a beautiful photo of a mother and her son, alighting from a plane. (photo courtesy)

Vera has added another up-close photo revealing the boy's hair. She says that she will not cut her future son's hair. Instead, she will braid his hair. Vera mentions that she will braid it in cornrows, just as the lady in the photo has done to her son's hair.

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Let it be remembered that Vera declined to shave Asia's first hair even after netizens compelled her to do so. She actually told off netizens who attempted to bring up the culture issue.

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Asia's hair is long and soft, leaving many people asking what hair products Vera is using on her hair. Vera saw this as a business opportunity and decided to launch Asia's hairline. She began by having an Instagram account for the business and dubbed it Asiabrownbabycare. Currently, it has close to 2,000 followers even before its official launch.

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What are your thoughts on Vera's opinion about shaving her children's hair?

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