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6 Ways To Anchor Yourself In God

Yesterday I talked about 2 different types of fear. The first was external fears, which are fears that you have no control over; things like natural disasters, accidents, bad things happening to good people, etc. The second was internal fears, things related to how people will perceive you, if you are good enough or worthy of love, fear of missing the will of God etc.

I mentioned that the first way you learn how to deal with the first type of fear is by anchoring yourself in God.

So what is anchoring? Well, let’s start with what an anchor is. An anchor is usually a metal device tied by chain and lowered to the seabed or bottom of the sea to keep a boat from drifting, due to wind or current.

When we are operating out of fear, especially when things are out of our control, we become a boat that is drifting and being tossed by the wind and current. What is the wind and current? Those are our thoughts, our worries, the news etc.

When a person is not anchored, everything moves them, everything scares them, and everything throws them into an emotional rollercoaster.

So how do we get anchored? We tie ourselves to the Rock, the unchanging one, the unmovable one, the everlasting one. Scripture tells us that our father is the ancient of days, He is unchanging and He is unmovable!

1.Matter of fact, in the time of trouble, scripture instructs us in Deuteronomy 33:26-27

“There is none like the God of who rides the heavens to your aid, and the clouds in His majesty. The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He drives out the enemy before you, giving the command, ‘Destroy him!”

That means every fear and every enemy the Lord can and will destroy. If only we could trust Him. But how do we trust someone we do not know? Don’t worry, I will share more on that tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some ways you can learn how to anchor yourself in God so you can overcome fear.

2.Read the bible- Recite scripture, memorize them and use them to fight the enemies lies.

3.Learn about the nature of God, His character, and what He is like. The more you learn that He is good and in control, the less you will feel like you need to be in control.

4.Release control and give things over to the Lord. Allow yourself to be taken care of. You must learn God as Father.

5.Receive counsel and deliverance for areas in which you are fearful and tormented in. Visualize yourself anchored/hidden in God. Replace feelings of fear with feelings of peace and by practicing God’s presence.

6.Accept the truth that God loves you, even if you do not feel it. Accept the truth that He is in your future, so you do not have to be afraid of it.

In about 1 week we will go on a 5-day journey of helping you unravel lies and beliefs that keep you in fear.

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