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Akothee Vows To Pay Rent To The Most Vulnerable Celebrities

Esther Akoth Alias Akothee

I've been asking myself everyday who's Akothee for sure. Kind, Compassionate and humble heart i found in her. Someone who can observe something in a worst condition and transform it better. Indeed God said," in every generation I'll have my remnant people", and Akothee is one of them.

Esther Akoth Alias Akothee

No matter how much you spend on others you'll never lack. Akothee uploaded a picture of Kasee, the Churchill Comedian who passed on.

According to Akothee ,she is touched as a mother cause since Corona came everything seemed out of place but now things are better compared to when the pandemic first hit the Country.


Akothee claimed that since she came into the Music Industry or entertainment industry she has noted that even Celebrities themselves don't love or support each other. Akothee said that she learned yesterday that Kasee didn't even have a place to stay.

According to Akothee renting him a house for 5000 per month would not have made her go broke. The Artist said she is totally broken, she didn't know the cause behind his death but he must have died a lonely fighting spirit.

Akothee wished Kasee could have inboxed her if things were tough beyond compare then he could have gone to live with her.

Akothee begged Celebrities who can't afford their lives right now to please inbox her. Akothee said she can't buy them Lumborghini but she can provide food and accommodation until Corona is gone. She urged them not to struggle and die up there.

Akothee further urged the Government specifically the ministry of entertainment to channel some cash to offset rent arrears of Artists as the money is being channeled and budgets are being passed.

Not all Artists will be helped by Madamboss.Not those living large and driving cars, those can sell their their assets and live on them for now.

Akothee will only support the most Vulnerable Celebrities who have not built a brand name to even earn from.

It's so sad that the people keeping us entertained are going through alot yet the bitter secret will always look in the camera's.

Content created and supplied by: RachaelNabai (via Opera News )

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