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Musicians Who Disappeared After Only One Hit Song

The music world is one which is filled by many surprises.One day an artist will release a song and the next day you might not hear of them again.There are artists who released their first song and we can still hear more of the songs since they keep on producing hits after hits.

There is another set of artists who are called "the one hit wonder." These are artists only did one song and have never released again.Or they had one song that hit,then the subsequent ones never made it.In this article I highlight some of those artists.


Alvindo was famed for the "taka taka" hit song.This is a song that he released after going through a heartbeak.It became an instant hit because of it's lyrics.In the song the artist was somehow plannya revenge against the lady whom he claimed to love but decided to heartbreak him.


Tunji released a song back then titled "Mat za ronga" This was a song aimed at talking about the different matatu that ply Nairobi routes and it also highlighted some of the best mats.It was just an appreciation of Nairobi matatus.He even did a collaboration with Khaligrah Jones.We have never had of him again.

3.Vicmas Luodollar

Luodollar is well known for his hit song "Bank Otuch" This was a song that talked about having money and stuff.He then did a collaboration with Octopizzo and the song became huge.He released some two songs after but then went under water.We don't hear of him nowadays.


Cashy is a rapper who was once rumoured to be Khaligrah's girlfriend.She did a collaboration with Khali titled "Micasa Sucasa".It was a hit song and we thought she was the new queen of hip hop.However that would be her first and maybe last song.We have never had from her since.

There are many other too who have had the same fate in music.So which other musicians do you remember?Drop a comment and remember to follow.

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