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Husband and wife relationship

Meet Oscar Susie's Wife Lillian Sudi

Oscar Sudi is a man who most people know of due to his political utterances that at times land him in trouble. He is however a man who is married for he is a family man with two beautiful women as you can see them in the Photos, Ann Sudi the brown one and the other one is Lillian Sudi.

Lillian Sudi is the first wife to Oscar Sudi but as well a very hardworking young lady determined more on things that add value to her family and not on things that would bring her down whatsoever. She also respects the second wife a lot for they coexist harmoniously.

Much details about Lillian Sudi however remains scanty and largely off public limelight for personal reasons. She is not a politician though it's clear she supports her husband's behind the scenes to ensure he succeeded politically.

Interestingly, Lillian Sudi and Ann Sudi have both identical houses something that was once revealed by Oscar Sudi when he launched his house. It's a family that has achieved a lot together courtesy of Lillian Sudi who is a mother of three.

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