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Millicent Omanga Seem Not To Make It This Time Round As Esther Passaris Takes Lead In New Polls

Millicent Omanga an aspiring woman representative of Nairobi county under UDA ticket will have to face the wrath of political tantrums as we are nearing August general elections. It appears that the way she is being unpopular by her close rival Esther Passaris is so fast that Soon her name won't be mentioned among the top.

Tifa just realized the new polls they conducted about the popularity of Millicent Omanga and Esther Passaris and the gap that exited was so large, where Passaris was at 67.6% while Millicent was at 22.4%. This did not get good with her.

Millicent Omanga has is described by fans as very incompetent and unfit for that position as she does not have a y good agenda for the people of Nairobi, as she is only seek for PR pictures in marketplaces and streets.

The question is, should we trust this polls that Tifa is giving out? And is Millicent Omanga able to compete Passairis and win under a free and fair election? The answers lie with the majority of the people of Nairobi because they are the once who carry the votes.

@Kihanya Mungai commented, Nairobi is AZIMIONATED. Hakika inawezekana. Mbele pamoja

@Obadia Nyakundi said

If you had done this 10 months ago, riding on your back, seeking votes, today your popularity was to be at least 25%. That's what passaris has been doing. Too late mama. Hii kitu utapata 2027. Hii imeenda.

@Awuoth Bialik

Your comments about woman DP being in office would make that office useless is as shameless as your obesity. Kenyan women are never happy when their counterparts are doing great things. Martha is stronger.


Mama miradi you cannot empower wamama with lessos, kindly look for something

sustainable for them

@wylef, Stop wasting your resources u cant win any election wait for Uda nomination.

It is obviously Millicent will have the most difficult time winning this sit, and many are telling her to just quit and wait for UDA nominations to secure a chance.

It is a final wave and many are losing it so fast, as reality unravel. When voters decide be certain you are going home very early.

Will Millicent Omanga be able to gain ground in the remaining less than 100 days and win? What is your take on this. I believe everything is possible, we should not underestimate her process too.

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