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How Willis Raburu Lost Ksh 300,000 to 'Aim Global 'like Scam

Multilevel marketing is all the rave among Kenya’s youth. Currently their are many scaming online platforms, and they have turned most idle youths broke, with hopes of becoming millionaires overnight. Let me tell you, there is no way someone can tell you to pay less money to get more, that is a scam, youths please avoid this platforms.

Willis Raburu, Citizen TV host is one of the Kenyans who have ever lost a huge amount of money on this multi level marketing con games by the name 'Aim Global'.

Speaking to one of the local news platform, Willis admitted that he lost 300,000ksh. It was really tough for him and this really interfered with his performance at work. Raburu explained how he had always had the spirit of entrepreneurship. In his secondary school days, he used to sell biscuits and water. Now he has launched hos own line of branded masks and meat products.(courtesy of BIZNAKENYA).

Raburu said this was when he was in his early 20s,and he was introduced to Aim Global by his friend. They promised to make him rich over night, so He borrowed 300,000 loan from a friend, promising to pay back with interest. He gave the money to the company and once he parted money with the company, the company began to ghost him, they weren't picking his calls, they even blocked him.

When he went to their offices, he was told that the company has moved to unknown place. That is when he realised he was conned. That is how Willis lost his money. Please Kenyans be careful and you can't be made rich with this multilevel marketing companies.

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