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The Main Reasons Why A Number Of Actors And Actresses Have Quited Acting In Nollwood

Acting is one of the amazing job one would wish to participate in, however, very challenging. In fact, it is due to its challenging nature that a number of actors and actresses have quited Nollywood for other jobs and businesses. Thus according to research done on a number of actors and actresses who quited Nollywood, below were the main reasons why they left the industry. The most interesting part is that, income had nothing to do with their quitting.

1. Auditions can be limited or sometimes far away from home thus, they need money to travel, place to stay when travelling among other upkeep which is a challenge to some.

2. Some never really put in full efforts to get roles and end up disappointed.

3. Some also lose it and begin to feel powerless especially when they reach audition ground.

4. Nobody really prepares for the mental emotional and physical tides in acting before to Nollywood thus when things finally crawl up to them they instantly disconnect with the dream.

5. Some people make rejection a big deal thus cannot handle it, thereby ending up leaving the industry.

6. At times it takes a very long time to rise into popularity thus some lose patience and quite.

7. Also, some actors and actresses experience bullying by their fellow colleagues leaving them with no option but to quite.

8. Lack of creativity among other actors leaving burden to producers and directors thus psychological effects.


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