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The 11 Non-Communicable Signs that A Lady is Dating the Wrong Man

Esther Akoth , popularly known as Madam Boss , has again hit the headlines by posting 11 non communicable signs that a lady is with a wrong man.The artist posted a picture of her together with her three daughters with a long caption showing the non-communicable signs that shows that should show them that they are with the wrong man.

The feminist appeared to advice her daughters,Vesha Shalian Okello, Celine Dion Okello, and Prudence Apundo to keep off from wrong men.The advocate for single mothers started that the following non -communicable signs shows that a lady is with wrong man.

1.A man who thwarts a lady's ego and makes the lady feel low.

According to the artist such a man is wrong for a lady and therefore,her daughters should run away from such a man.

2. A man who compares you with other women.

The artist suggest that such a man is has got issues and you should let him go.

3. A man who makes you miserable.

Akothee advised her daughters to avoid such like men.

4.A man who takes long to communicate back to a lady.

She said that such a man is a sadist, egocentric and narcissist.

5. A man who makes a lady feel uncomfortable.

The artist said that this is realized when you find yourself puting more effort in the relationship than the man.

6. A man who scrolls and stays in social media during sleeping time

Akothee said that such like a man is connecting with other ladies.

7. A man who is never thankful for the little things done to him by his lady.

8.A man who shows you other beautiful ladies passing by.

9. A man who gives his ex more attention than the current relationship.

10. A man who likes partying but not a believer in christ

She advised her daughters to run away from men who can escort them to clubs but can never take them to church.

11. A man who is a slay king.

Akothee described such a man as the one who licks his lips in snapchat,dyes his hair and goes to the gym.

Having read this article, what do you suggest about Akothee's advice to her daughters concerning the non communicable signs to knowing the they are with the wrong man?Tell me your suggestions in the comments section below and kindly follow me for more content.

Content created and supplied by: VICTORCONTENTCARTEL (via Opera News )

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