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'Haki Mapenzi Wewe' Reactions as Rashid and Lulu Do This While Live On Air

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hasan are a power couple admired by very many Kenyans. Actually, many are the lovers who have the goals of being a couple like Lulu and Rashid have managed to be.

Married for a number of years, the couple has been on the Kenyan screens for quite some time. They both are blessed in the Swahili language and they have been anchoring the Swahili news to Kenyans.

Initially, Lulu was bringing the weekend Swahili news alongside Kanze Dena. Dena however got a job at State House as the government spokesperson and she was replaced by Rashid. That meant Lulu started airing news alongside her husband and they truly have done so well at it.

Aside from news, they also host marriage counselors who include Bi Msafwari, Mirriam from Tanzania and Benjamin Nzulu. They discuss various issues which affect marriage and relationships and from the responses by Kenyans, the program really is a blessing.

The couple has been dressing in matching attire all through and their love cannot be hidden. Although it's supposed to be working relation but not an avenue to demonstrate love, their chemistry cannot be hidden.

The chemistry was revealed on Sunday as they anchored the seven pm news. After any commercial break, the news anchor usually welcomes viewers back for more news. If the anchors are two, one of them does the welcome.

For the case of Rashid and Lulu, They Unanimously welcomed viewers back by saying the statement, 'Karibu Tena Mtazamaji'.

They were all surprised at how they uttered the statement until they smiled and laughed at each other before Lulu professionally repeating the statement alone and Rashid proceeded on with the news.

That shows they have mutual chemistry between them right from home all the way to the screens, something which makes their work enjoyable.

Upon noticing what the couple did, Kenyans reacted with Some saying it is the strong love between them.

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