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Thirteen Year Old Disabled Girl Defiled By Step Father

(Pauline And The Mom Photo Source : Courtesy)

This story is so painful and disturbing as reported by Lynn Of Tuko. I can't imagine what this poor Angel has gone through in her life,yet in her child like innocence still has the spirit to smile and laugh with so much excitement when she sees Lynn.

According to Lynn of Tuko, Pauline Gatha is only Thirteen and she is raising a three month baby girl but the most heartbreaking thing is the fact that she does not even know she has a child. Pauline is abled different and also suffers from multiple burns.

(Pauline And The Mom Photo Source Courtesy)

According to the Mother, Pauline does not talk and barely knows how to express herself. It is reporting that the young girl was raped by her step father who is now in prison.

The Mother claimed that he suspected his ex husband cause no other man used to come close to Pauline. The Mother used to lock her in the house while going to work and that's when the man got a chance to take advantage of the little girl.

(Pauline And The Mom Photo Source Courtesy)

The woman met with the boyfriend after breaking up with Pauline's Dad.Who eloped after learning about their daughter's condition. Irresponsible fathers cause so much damage and pain in many lives. One absconds his fatherhood duty only for another one to come and defile your already vulnerable child because the real father is not there to protect his own.

The man made Pauline pregnant who according to the Mother Pauline does not know if she has a baby due to her condition.

It is reported that no one knew she was pregnant until her delivery date. Even doctors could not tell if she was paged when they saw her though they claimed she was crying in pain and that's when they instructed the mother to undress her so that they can check what was making her uncomfortable. The poor girl delivered immediately she was undressed.

(Lynn And Pauline's Mother Photo Source Courtesy)

Pauline is a special need child and need help to shower or change,how come no one noticed that she's pregnant until delivery time. Something is not adding up. But who are we to judge?

To this point one can tell that our society is rotten and men are failing us a great deal. Seems this days you can't go a day without hearing of rape cases. Pauline is just one of many victims who their innocence have been taken away by the very people who apparently should be their Protectors.

We Pray this child gets the help she needs physically and mentally and may the Kenyan Criminal Court system hold the step father accountable for his actions.

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